When Should You Start Bridal Wedding Dress Shopping?

When Should You Start Bridal Wedding Dress Shopping?

When Should You Start Bridal Wedding Dress Shopping?. Mobile Image

Sep 17, 2020

If you’re like me, from the moment you get engaged (maybe even a bit before), you started fantasizing about your wedding dress!


But when is the best time to really start wedding dress shopping? Depending on the length of your engagement period, I suggest beginning your research at least 18 – 12 months before your wedding date.

Take a few weeks to gather some pictures on Pinterest. Don’t be too picky initially. Save fabrics that you like, silhouettes that you like, bodices and skirts that you like, even save some pictures of things that you DON’T like! It can be very helpful for a stylist to hear what you don’t envision so that they can avoid showing you dresses like that.

Do some research on different wedding dress designers themselves! Many women find lots of dresses that they like, but after researching the designer, they find them to be way outside of their budget. Find out where designers design and produce their gowns, find out where those designers sell their gowns. Most designers have a specific “look” so see if you can find one that fits your niche!

Make sure you discuss your wedding dress budget with your fiance, family, friends, or whoever may be joining you on your wedding dress search. Need help setting your budget? Take a look at my diary entry on setting your wedding dress budget!

Hopefully, this helps you answer the age-old question of when you should start your wedding dress shopping. Thanks for reading my Dressed in Love Diary!

xo, Amanda